Let technology help.

We all want our kids to love reading and learning. But, no matter how much kids love books, if they see a phone they are instantly distracted. Don't let it distract your kids, let it encourage them.



Every page an adventure.

Watch the beautiful worlds comes to life on every page. Your kids won't be able to contain their excitment. What they can find next? What hidden gems exist?



Clean & modern approach.

At the end of the day we are exhausted, we just need a little time to ourself. We want a break, but feel guilty giving our kids time-wasting entertainment. Remove the guilt by giving your kids an app you know is good for them.

Wow. That is so amazing, my kids absolutely love it. They keep asking me for more.

Pete Fredrick

They've done something really amazing, I'll be watching their project closely.

Michael Page

Discover now.

Find your own hidden worlds.

Give the demo a try on your own device. And preorder your copy coming this Summer.

The demo app is currently available on Android. Either print the page out or simply point your phone at your computer screen. (Demo Available on iOS soon).

Download Sample Page Here

Final version available on iOS or Android

Get it on Google Play

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